About Us

Music has been a passion of both my husband Alfie (a pro DJ) and myself for many years, we had a live music venue (The Steamboat Tavern New Cut West Ipwich) in the year 2000 and Alfie introduced Karaoke on our quiet Sunday nights which soon proved to be more popular than the live music nights! We went on to present Karaoke in many bars, clubs, and hotels in the Algarve area of Portugal and the Rheinland Pfalz area of Germany. We opened a shop in Eisenberg Pfalz Nov 2013 specialising in music and light, Karaoke and Disco Equipment, our hope was to supply DJ and Karaoke supplies at an affordable price. We also supply music and  lighting for weddings, events and host Karaoke in de Belgian Bistro Weilerbach every 2 weeks

Discount Karaoke
Proprietor: Jutta Codona

Ebertheimerstrasse 24a,
D-67304 Kerzenheim

Internet: www.discount-karaoke.com/
E-Mail: admin@discount-karaoke.com
Handy: +49 174 3166 498

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