Condition Definitions

  • New

New, unused and undamaged items in not open original packaging (where packaging is available). The packaging should be in retail. Exception: The article was originally packaged in a non-retail packaging, such as plain cardboard or plastic.


  • New: Other (see description)

New, unused items, without traces of usage. The original packaging is no longer available or open under certain circumstances. Article is ' 2 ', B-stock or new, unused, but with small mistakes. For more details, such as detailed description of any errors or defects in the repudiation of the seller.


  • Reconditioned by the manufacturer

Article has been overhauled by a dealer by the manufacturer-approved professional and works perfectly. This means that the article tested, cleaning and repairs, so that it meets the requirements of the manufacturer and is in perfect condition. The article is not located under certain circumstances in the original packaging.


  • Overhauled.

This Article has been overhauled tested, cleaned and repaired, it is fully functional and is in perfect condition. The article my not be in the original packaging.


  • Used

Article was already used. An article with signs of wear, but in good condition and fully functional. The article is under certain circumstances a demonstration model, or an article that has been returned to after use.


  • As spare part / defective

Article, the total works not as intended or not fully operational. These include articles that are so damaged that the use will be more difficult, as well as articles that need a repair or maintenance, or article where necessary parts are missing